About us

BDP Foods is an international business platform created in Chile in 2009. It was created in order to facilitate, improve and increase food exports from producing countries to emerging markets that have great potential, but have different complexities that can be successfully overcome by having an office at destination.

With offices in Chile, Russia, Southeast Asia and China, we have a multicultural professional team, located both in origin and destination, being an important support for exporters, importers, as well as for all the actors involved in the export process. By creating bonds of trust, we have fostered successful long-term business relationships between producers and customers in Russia, Southeast Asia and China, positioning our partners as world-class suppliers.


To be a company that facilitates the food trade between producers and consumers. With offices at the destination markets and a multicultural professional team, identifying and understanding the needs of the clients, transforming them into business opportunities for the exporters. With a thorough knowledge of every market, achieving to increase the competitiveness of our represented ones, generating benefits for them, the company and those who are a part of the BDP’s team.


To be the biggest commercial food platform of the world, with offices at the principal emergent markets, maximizing the benefit of producers, exporters and clients in destination.

The Platform has worked with a group of more than 70 exporting companies from various fields: fresh fruit, dehydrated fruit, wines, olive oil, seafood, processed vegetables, meat, among others. Helping them to develop the market and position themselves in the destination, according to the strategy and objectives of each one of them.

BDP Foods growth from 2009 to 2021

We have been facilitating, improving and increasing food exports from producing countries to emerging markets for 13 years.


Matías Larraín Alamos


Arturo Costabal Claro


José Antonio Camiruaga Garretón


Federico Ghio Ruiz


Luis Vicente Andrade


Executive team