About us

BDP Foods is an international business platform that was founded to facilitate, improve and increase food exports from producing countries to emerging markets.

With offices in Chile, Russia, Southeast Asia and China, we cover a market equivalent to 30% of the world’s population. We have a multicultural team, located both in origin and destination, being an important support for exporters, importers, as well as for all the actors involved in the export process. We have worked with a varied group of exporting companies from different areas: fresh fruit, dried fruit, wines, olive oil, seafood, processed vegetables, meats, among others.


As a partner of BDP Foods, you will have a professional team at your disposal AT DESTINATION, which will help you by providing the following services.

Commercial representation
at destination


Marketing management


Why choose us?

  • BDP Foods will help you develop DIRECT business relationships with major food importers at your destination.
  • Reduced risk by doing business with serious Russian and Asian companies previously evaluated by the BDP Foods team.
  • BDP Foods is not a trader/broker, it is a business facilitator and a promoter of your company at destination.
  • BDP Foods provides round the clock support and assistance with permanent offices in both locations.


We help your company and its products to strategically position themselves in the target markets.

With our 3 offices we are able to cover 30% of the world’s population, thus reaching 2,200 million people. 

World food importing power with more than 140 million inhabitants.

Malasia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines are the most relevant countries within this Association.

With more than 1,400 million people, it is one of the 3 world powers.

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